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The Spyglass Inn, Overcombe

I went to The Spyglass Inn today for a cheap family meal. I used to live in Weymouth and used to come here alot when I was a child and it was the Hungrymans.
Well where to start......We ordered our food at the counter and repeated it to the young girl serving a 2nd time as she didn't catch it all at first. When the food came out there wwas only 3 meals for 4 people, obviously a mistake had been made. We told the young girl who bought the food out and she said "well that's what you have ordered.". No apology, nothing. I pointed out that I certainly didn't forget to order my own meal and I was told if we give her the money she will order it now. So very unhappily we gave her the cash and I waited whilst everyone else ate their meal. Then the food comes out after 25 mins and it is wrong! So we tell the staff. We got told once again that this is what was ordered. One of the young girls working there stood and argued with us for 5 mins about whether we ordered the meal at all the first time around. Then the girl that took our order came over to argue too. We pointed out that there had still been no apology and now they were ruining our dinner! After they still stood there arguing for another 5 mins I asked for the manager, expecting somebody to actually apologise and perhaps even offer some form of compensation, instead I got a very angry man come over to me lean on my chair put his face in mine and say "PROBLEM?!" very loudly so now most of the people in the place were looking and staring. So once again we went through what had happend. We got the reply of "Well you didnt order 4 meals as it says you only ordered 3 on the print out from the till"! By this point I felt like screaming! I explained that I did order my dinner and that obviously a mistake had happend, but instead of anyone apologising to us we have had his members of staff being very rude. So he said "fine SORRY!" In a very loud rude and sarcastic tone of voice, by this point his face was about 2 inchs from mine and I had enough of this bullying tactic, so I said "Excuse me, but who do you think you are talking to us like that." and got told in a very curt response "I'm not going to stand here and listen to your abuse" and he stormed off with his rude staff in towe! Ridiculous, after having people argue with me for 20mins and a rude man in my face, it was me a 26yr old female that was told she was being abusive! So we just left, very angry, upset and a little shaken up by this mans demenour towards me. I think through the argument I managed to take a bite out of my burger and eat a few chips before we left, and lets just say the food is as offensive as the staff.
Basically a beautiful pub has been turned into a place of nightmares.
Stay away at all costs. It's not worth ruining your day for!

6 Nov 2011 21:07

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