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Hobs, Forest Hill

Fri 12th April 2013 - first visit in at least 10 years, and I thought it was great. Went to see a band. Great crowd, and a surprising amount of dancing going on. The real mega plus point was that after the band, a classic rock covers band called Chain, the DJ (or the man who puts the music on !) played more classic rock, and not some horrible disco dirge as happens all too frequently in other places.

14 Apr 2013 13:07

The London and Rye, Catford

This pub has cleaned it's act up a bit recently, or the drug dealers and users are now more discrete. It's still not the sort of place you can really relax in though.

24 Mar 2012 18:56

The Catford Ram, Catford

A welcoming pub most times. Beer prices probably about average. Sometimes has some great live music. Hopefully their tragically out of date website will show some future events instead of events 6 months ago !

24 Mar 2012 18:48

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