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The Bell Inn, Smarden

Hello to the saviours of the Bell and welcome to Smarden. We heard you had changed ownership so we paid a visit. 1st impressions were good! The fire was lit and the bar was stocked with spirits and the fridges were full and there were 3 Ales available. I took the masterbrew (always a good indicator of beer condition because its crap at best) I have say it was enjoyable! I almost ordered another it was so good! but I went for Spitfire. Superb! Well done cellar manager, absolutely bang on. I felt obliged to try the spook (lol). Lovely, superb. We took a look at the menu out of interest and it seemed to be ok but we eat at home. the prices looked inviting! Now the downside - the barman was overpowering. He felt the need to impress on us that we should come to him for drinks because the staff were new and would not be able to serve us properly. He asked us outright to email the pub to say how good he was. We cant because he was not. He also told us that he was about to 'get' some money and him and his wife was going to buy a B&B. I dont care what he wants. If thats your manager you need to take a look at your self. Why is your manager pissing people off with obvious BS? The beer is superb, so much so that we may eat at the Bell! 10 from 10 for the beer, 0 from 10 for the bar person/manager

23 Oct 2014 23:15

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