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Real ale and pub crawling are what I do best, combined with the Sealed Knot civil war society, any comments on my recommendations would be welcome, old friends check out Friends Reunited.

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The Black Prince, Woodstock

I called at this pub 3 or 4 times during the recent Sealed Knot weekend at Blenheim Palace, as the job of beer finder general I check the pubs for my regiment. the first visits were fine, beer OK and I judged it my favorite pub in Woodstock. The last visit was a disaster, most of my regiment are brilliant folk players and singers and we are always made welcome. I enquired whether we could sing and the young barmaid asked the landlord who said OK until 21.00, this only gave us 20 minutes, the reason given was that a team of Knock Down Sally were coming in from the garden - we would not be in their way so I was bemused. We sang for about 30 minutes and the barmaid came over and told us to stop whilst in the middle of a song, I said OK let us finish it, all the customers in the pub had given us constant applause. The very large landlord then came over and nose to nose with our main player told us to get out in a very threatening way. He is obviously a violent type and was looking for a fight so we left. I would not be surprised if others followed us. The other pubs in the town were fine. This guy needs a lesson in public relations, we will never return here if he is still in charge.

30 May 2013 11:57

The Red Lion, Oxford

I agree with Grahamh8, the ignorant aussie barman gave me a pint at least 10% short and said it was a legal requirement, he did top it up to my satisfaction but was very arrogant and unprofessional, furthermore the next customer was given a glass of beer with something black floating in it, instead of disposing of the pint he scooped the offending item out with a knife and handed the beer over. If I had been from trading standards he would have ended up at best sacked or in court. This place is a dump and best avoided.

30 May 2013 11:40

The Three Tuns, Gateshead

I note no reviews for 6 years, I wonder why. Could this be the answer, travelled from Carlisle based on an advert in N.E. Cheers magazine for Gateshead 4th International Pie Festival, and the Beer Festival ales.
Quote - Thousands of Pies - 16 !!! Dozens of Beers - 3 !!!
Seems an OK pub but misleading customers like this is not only illegal but bad form. Sort yourselves out.

5 May 2013 10:01

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