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The Duke (of York), Holborn

Just had one of the biggest and best burgers (and chips) I've had for a long time from this place. I drink lager so can't really say much about the quality of the ale (get over it!). Service was great, pub was great...great stuff.

20 Aug 2010 15:07

The Fulwood, Holborn

nokegthanks - I agree with you to a degree, but given the location of this bar and the fact it's advertised as a "bar & kitchen" I think it's reasonable that people review it from a food angle.

The place has a fairly mediocre supply of beer anyway so reviewing that is not really going to help you much - If I told you the Grolsch here tasted the same as the Grolsch in Stoke on Trent it's not really going to help - and don't get all Lager Police on tastes the same everywhere unless someone has done a VERY bad job of keeping the pipes clean!

Anyway - back to the review - I was with the poncey foodies below...the food was ok (for the price), the grolsch was perfectly fine, the atmosphere was ok (I thought the inside of the place was pretty good and I've seen the place bursting at the seams at night so it must be good). Unfortunately on the day we went, it was understaffed and 2 of the three staff were temp for that day - sadly this tainted the overall experience for most people.

Beer in he evening? Yes, why not. But expect the other people here to be drinking wine or mixers and boring the pants off you with stories of their office (yes, that might be us sat at the table next to you!).

30 Jul 2010 16:14

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