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The Royal Oak, Barton Le Clay

Firstly we would like to thank this customer for his review. However there are a few words required in response to this entirely negative view, as a one off visit during the world cup final. Does he not expect to find "people/kids and an overflowing pub" during football games when the destination he is visiting is a legitimate Sky user sports pub, language always gets, shall we say flowery, during these times, and on a normal session within the oak, staff and management alike do try to the stem the flow. However obviously he has never worked behind an extremely busy bar when the noise level is high due to normal football viewing behaviour with banter etc. going on, when at times it can be virtually impossible to hear a customers request to refil a glass and he expects us to hear every "Fa'ackin C*nts" that is being said away from the bar area. As for "many of them falling over through lack of balance" we had no incidents what so ever of anyone falling over during the world cup. Our regulars are not rude and certainly not intimidating, so how does he actually know that the person/persons he is insulting are regulars, obviously he doesn't, he was not the only newby who visited us during the world cup, or for that matter any other time. Finally, I would like to say to this person - was this review written after a session at his own local, due to the time of late friday night, early saturday morning it was posted, and maybe he would like to visit us again to actually get a true vision of what we are like.

9 Nov 2010 13:23

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