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The Phoenix, Coventry

The Campbell as it will always be known to me is one of those places that everyone needs. A pub where you feel totally comfortable, the staff are friendly and the clientele are amiable. Admittedly, as someone else has commented it gets a bit rowdy during bg sporting events, but that applies to the vast majority of watering holes across the country.

Mostly students drinking here, but with the occasional office types during the day for lunch. Drink promotions wise, Wednesday is the 1 drink night with a good selection of tipples for a quid, enough to keep most people happy (and pissed).

Music is refreshingly alternative, save for the random selector jukebox which pumps out Busted or S-Club from time to time, but theres usually a rush to get the cash into it to ensure its only a minor annoyance!

All in all, its somewhere that I could never see myself wanting to break away from, cant remember a bad night in there to be perfectly honest.

The doormen are a bit of a lottery, and sometimes it seems they give the regulars more grief than the noobs but its only a small issue.

If you've not been yet. Go! Enjoy this place. I know I will.



29 Jul 2005 18:51

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