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The Highwayman, Eaton Socon

I would just like to point out that although my review below is dated April 2010, our visit was late 2009 (not Xmas) when I can assure you it did have fish shaped things on the kids menu ( I DID read it) but as I pointed out they didn't have fish shaped things in the freezer!
Dennis26 - you're perfectly entitled to your opinion in favouring the Highwayman over the Crown for food but as this site is called "Beer In The Evening" (try reading it) I thought I'd better point out that the Highwayman is not somewhere you'd go for, oh, I dunno, maybe a beer in the evening?
It wouldn't be fair for me to comment on the food in the Crown as I haven't eaten there in nearly 3 years, but I have enjoyed a beer In the evening there rather more recently.

19 Sep 2010 21:31

The Castle Inn, Bedford

Whereas the Three Cups up the road has slowly improved over the last few years, The Castle has slowly been going the other way. Not that it's a bad pub, just not as good as it used to be. Thankfully still Chav-free but it seems to be refurnished and tarted up far too frequently than is good for a pub, making it a little bland and characterless.
Rather bland beer choice too - Eagle IPA, Courage Directors and Everards Tiger on last visit.
The Tiger was pretty good but we just had the one before moving onto the Ship for something more interesting (Holden's Golden Glow as it happened). Like the Youngs Kew mentioned below, Courage Directors is now brewed in Bedford, so not what I really consider a 'guest ale'.

6 Apr 2010 00:39

Three Cups, Bedford

After a bit of a shaky period a few years ago the Three Cups has been quietly going about it's business, slowly improving the quality and range of it's ales, and general ambience without the need of regular refurbs - unlike The Castle just up the street.
Keep up the good work.

6 Apr 2010 00:02

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