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Affinity, Bexleyheath

it may be average in some respects, but without a doubt, there is more character to it than the others. and it's not full of young ankle biters. is that not worth the 1 pound you're probably going drop drunkenly on the floor when you pull a tenner out of your pocket for a kebab on the way home. Plus, OHM used to charge for years, so affinity is not alone on that front.

and that was when they were only open til 12.
I hear they don't anymore, but i'm sure that's because they've lost a lot of older clients, and the chavs are gradually making their way down the high street from lloyds, so they have to compensate.

22 Mar 2007 00:14

Affinity, Bexleyheath

I'm a bit astounded that people are griping about paying 1/2 to get in. Seriously, you must have better things to worry about.
And if you're that bothered about it, then you might quite like to know that shots aren't as much as bottle or spirit and mixer... clearly pennies count to you!
i've been going to affinity years, and have worked there on occasion. I've also been to other various bars in the area, what they charge is average.

So the beer is sometimes warm(rarely) and the bar staff take a while to get to everyone, but I know the laid back atmosphere more than makes up for it. there's never that much trouble. It's not as young as ohm. And I think the bar staff are good fun, and smile more than the staff at other places. (yes, i'm bias).

Yes, it gets packed, but it's all part of the atmosphere. It's not a posers palace, and not full of WAG wannabes, which i think makes all the difference.

16 Mar 2007 00:06

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