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Blue Room, East Molesey

a stylish, well designed drinking emporium, the owners have their hearts in the right place, seeking to create a friendly, chilled out atmosphere . however, I have doubts as to whether the best way of achieving this is to fill it with e'd up ageing hippies. That sort of behaviour may have been acceptable 15 years ago on remote farms, when they still had their own teeth and hair, but attempting to relive the early 90's in the middle of an affluent london suburb smacks of denial and try-hardness. Get a haircut, you god damn tree hugging, gurning hippies.

3 Jun 2003 17:41

The Bell, East Molesey

It's a lovely pub, and gets nicer with every god damn Aussie bird who stops working there. Although it will make it harder for my friends to get laid of an evening. Never mind. Plus they have the largest collection of real salt shakers of any pub in Molesey- now that's what I call drinkin'...

3 Jun 2003 17:08

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