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Crab and Dragon, Camberley

We are fans of our local ember inn at Walton, which is great. So when we found this one local to my parents we hoped for something similar. Far from it. We walked in on a sunday at 1.45pm and ghe place was almost empty, and 'greeted' by a disinterested skinny guy with glasses who showed us where we could sit with a 3 year old and 4 adults. When we ordered he was bordering on rude, everything was too much effort. Our food, we ordered 3 roasts and child's meal and a burger and Chips, looked awful when it arrived. The burger was ok but the roasts were all cold, the potatoes seemed to have been deep fried multiple times and were soggy/greasy in the middle but rock hard outside. The meat was tough and cold, as was the veg. We asked for the manager, she came out limply and said sorry, asking what we wanted to do. As our child had already started we sent the food back and ordered burgers instead as they are relatively hard to ruin. In the 25 mins we waited they never bothered offering a drink or anything. When we came to pay the manager had made no effort to amend the bill with our new food, so we spent ages having to get the bill right as they still insisted on charging us for one of their appalling roasts. We didn't even bother asking for a discount as we just wanted to leave. All in all a total shambles, terrible food, and poor, poor service. This can only come from the management down. Don't touch this place!

1 Jul 2012 16:22

Ye Olde Swan Inn, Thames Ditton

My wife and I visited this pub last night (Thurs 5th June) with others. They wanted to eat there because last time they ate there in summer 08 the food had been good. Here's my personal opinion...

The menu looked nice, I chose a prawn cocktail which was meant to have king prawns, lettuce, cherry tomatoes etc. When it arrived in 2mins it was clear it had been in the fridge waiting, had no king prawns just some normal ones in a sauce with the salad, and 2 slices of thick, stale, dry bread which was obviously ready to go. Not great for what it cost.

Main course I ordered what sounded like a nice steak and ale pie with chips and veg. What came up was a 3rd of a chunk of very over baked, chewy, hard pie with very thick indigestible pastry and very dry filling. It had probably been frozen and reheated. It was thrown onto a plate of what I am almost sure were McCain Home Fries Oven Chips - yes OVEN CHIPS!!!! With this was some very undercooked mixed vegetables including huge bits of carrot that obviously the "chef" couldn't be bothered to do more with and undercooked broccoli that my child couldn't swallow. With this came a pot of what tasted like Bisto with onions in.

It was horrible. I'm no food snob, but have had some really nice pub meals in the past - maybe the management should see how this meal should be done for 8.40ish at some other pubs in 2009.

To top it off I was on the toilet at 2.30am this morning - and i'm still not better yet. Whoever is doing this food must be absolutely laughing at the prices they are charging to unsuspecting punters like us as it's by far the worst i've ever had in a pub.

I would never, ever eat in this place again - even if it was free!

5 Jun 2009 13:19

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