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Yates, Newcastle under Lyme

I went into Yates' with 5 friends from work (three female, two male) in a completely sober state. After 2 drinks and a mere 40 minutes, I was approched by a bouncer who told me I needed to leave. I asked why, and he stated that I had been 'bumping into people'. I agreed to leave as I am not prone to confrontation or argument, but I assured them they had the wrong person as I was relatively sober and had not bumped into anyone. I was split from my friends and taken out of the back with the gate locked behind me.

No apology, and no offer of reimbursement for half the drink I had left. My friends joined me shortly after thankfully, each more surprised that I had been kicked out for absolutely no reason. Yates' lost 5 customers that night and if someone truly was 'bumping into people' in the bar then they were still in there causing trouble.

I will NEVER go in again due to the embarrassment and lack of clarification. I strongly recommend nobody else waste their money in here.

Also, at the time I was kicked out I was near one of my female friends who had entered the bar with our group. Their willingness to kick me out without checking that she was safe and had other contacts in the club was dangerous and sickening --- especially if someone had lied about me to split us up.

It's not a safe place to visit, and when they discriminate without reason or evidence it is not worth the embarrasment or time.

31 Jul 2018 13:49

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