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Janets Bar, South Kensington

Roaming the streets of South Kensington last night in search of a screen to watch what was left of the open ceremony, a woman on the pavement was looking for preys: it was Janet!

She quickly sized the opportunity and shouted "y'all looking for a screen? there's one right here but you gotta buy drinks!"

We all looked at each other and thought: we are in! So we went in. Big mistake.

We could not even finish the first round of drinks that Janet sent the young girl to our table to push for more orders, then Janet herself came to tell us we had to move our chairs closer to the table as "the bar was about to get packed and she needed space" then the boy came to give us an ultimatum: order more drinks or leave.....then the final blow: Janet raided our table saying she needed it for some customers that had just come in with a reservation.

How rude, pushy and agressive!!!!!

The bar was empty(ish) there was no sign of a crowd mobbing the place....what was she on?!!!

We stood up and left pretty angry....what an undignified way of running a tatty bar!! The older the bar, the greater the need for management to compensate the physical inadequacies.... normally!! But in this case: the tattier the business, the cockier the Janet... more like it!!!

She literally shouted: "GET OUT"....yep, that's because some of us did not order more drinks and others were still drinking theirs. Unreal.

As we stood outside on Janet's familiar pavement gathering our thoughts on the unfortunate encounter, a group of girls came out of the bar and having heard it all just said: "expensive plastic surgery clearly requires more maintenance!" We couldn't agree more.

Cheerio Janet, and indeed.....let the Games begin!

28 Jul 2012 14:55

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