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Railway Tavern, Longfield

oh dear, oh dear oh dear!

More worthless stupidity from an absolutely and obviously childish moron with little better to do than to set themselves out to derail someone else's business and hard work. Some on big man. It is very obvious that all these vitriolic, bile ridden, moronic meaningless posts are the work of just one simple minded idiotic freak. Reveal yourself big man. If you are so bent on the destruction of this local pub it is your civic duty to tell all the regulars and town folk who enjoy this venue exactly who you are and where you can be contacted. I'm sure you will find a good few people who would love to discuss your opposing views and who would be only too delighted to help you understand how moronic stupid childish, misinformed and idiotic you are.

p.s. Did you know that in order to be the licensee of a public house you MUST have a completely clean criminal record that is CRB (police) checked and audited by the council? NO? .. you fool!

24 Dec 2013 05:48

Railway Tavern, Longfield

More lies from the 'Spoiltbastard', click his tag and see for yourself. There is only one pub he approves of? Why would that be? And why make up lies about other pubs? The Landlord at the railway is an ex convicted DD himself, would absolutely not drop people 'in it'. You cannot rely on any reviews from this individual 'Spoiltbastard', he obviously has hidden bad intentions directed at many other local pubs that are not the badger. He uses this normally useful review site as his tool of vitriol-ism. Why derail a good site with utter lies? Be a fan of the badger by all means, but don't slag off everyone else's business and tell blatant lies about them.

29 Oct 2013 12:08

Railway Tavern, Longfield

Another strange review for this lovely village pub. The reason I say strange are for the reasons I list below. My advice would be to visit for yourself and make your own mind up to the validity of this very strange post. Send that bloke to 'Specsavers'

The chap says the pub is cleaner than his last visit. Now there is a worry in understatement and his powers of observation. The fact is, the pub has been completely refurbished to the outside with new signs, fresh paint to all walls, windows and frames, new fencing, new smoking canopy, new exterior lighting, fresh new hanging baskets and window boxes. Yes, I agree, it would look cleaner now, it is vastly better than it has been for years, well done to the new Landlord.

The guy then says the staff were less than good. I do not know who served him but from what I have seen, all of the staff at the Railway seem to be very nice people who cannot do enough for you. The only thing I can think is that he may have been served by Sarah who the locals affectionately call Doris, she never pulls any punches and tells it as it is, if the guy was acting as a twat I have no doubt whatsoever that Doris would have made him less than welcome, he may well have brought that upon himself.

He then says he had cloudy beer that tasted of vinegar. I would suggest that is poppycock, unless he was unfortunate enough to get the last of a barrel (which can happen) in which case, he should have told the staff who will always change any beer that is not up to standard, and would have definitely changed his had he chosen to say something rather than being a burk and walking out, fool on him.

The pub has achieved Cask Marque, the beers are always crisp and clear (unless the end of a barrel) and come up at the perfect temperature. The prices seem just a tad cheaper than all the pubs in the area at £3.10 and £3.40 and in my opinion are great value. I know this pub has recently had all new pump equipment fitted and the lines are cleaned all the time. Even the Landlord seems to drink his own bitter, now that's a good sign if ever you see it.

On Thursday nights they are doing a 'Real Ale Night', they say this is to keep the turnover up and make way for fresh ales that they get delivered on Fridays, I don't disbelieve that. On the 'Real Ale Night' you can buy Youngs or Courage for just £2.50 a pint or beers like Old Peculiar, Rev James, Adnams Broadside, Autumn Gold for Just £2.70 a pint. Give it a try is my advice.

Well worth a visit.

29 Sep 2013 15:36

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