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The Edgar Wallace, Temple

A rainy late November afternoon and I'd expected - thanks to the reviews below - to find the place jammed solid... but it wasn't. It was quiet, with plenty of space and an excellent range of beers available. The "Whatever" was spot on.

The interior resembles a (rather cluttered) museum of 60s and 70s advertising ephemera , which can be interesting for a while but depressing when you consider how much both advertising design and public attitudes have changed since.

Most depressing, however, was being ripped off during the course of a session there.

A pint costs £4.80 - yet a half costs £3.60: totally unjustifiable. Do not be a designated driver here. Worse, my companions, who were drinking wine, were charged an additional £23.90 for a bottle they didn't even have. Every other group in the pub were foreign tourists: to what extent they were ripped-off we'll never know.

They may look friendly. but that welcoming smile from the staff doesn't necessarily mean "Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourselves...". There's every chance they're thinking "Aha! Another sucker! Get ready to bleed them dry...". Make sure you pay attention if you find yourself here.

Extremely disappointing. Avoid.

24 Nov 2016 10:11

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Essentially the brewery tap, the beer is served directly from the barrel... but it isn't what you'd describe as a 'happy' environment.

On a cold January day the fire would have made a difference but an uneasy blend of clientele, from corporate credit card wavers to a group from the shallow end of the gene pool, didn't contribute to the bonhomie either. And shouty bar-staff, unnecessarily and continulally interrupting our conversation with our server, added to the disappointment.

Perhaps if I liked Harveys more it would have helped?

27 Jan 2016 13:14

Lewes Arms, Lewes

An interesting and popular pub with an intriguing mobile-phone defying layout (not a bad thing) (but then, so is most of Lewes). Not the best selection of beers - especially if Harvey's isn't to your fancy - and a disconcerting bar lady who insisted in speaking French.


27 Jan 2016 13:07

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