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The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

The point of this pub was surely to cater for dog walkers, regulars, dart players and families enjoying Sydenham woods. That they used to provide a dog bowl for dogs (obviously) illustrated their generous and hospitable nature. Now you can't even get into the place - the front door has been locked (one has to wander around the back!), but frankly it's a blessing, as I'd rather be locked in the home furnishings Dept of the HOuse of Frazer - in the late 80's - for the night, than spend longer than 5 seconds in this taste abortion.
This is the perfect pub, for people who prefer restaurants to pubs, yet have never in their lives been to a decent restaurant.

18 Jun 2009 14:21

The Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill

Its a shame, as this pub is almost amazing. The Chrome cafe furniture outside is a BIG mistake and completely out of keeping with the rest of the pub, easy to stack maybe, but too blinding and transitory for the punter.
Also its TOO concentrated on the food, and its purpose as being the centre of a community is lost as a pub. People drinking (the adittedly decent ales) are sidelined in favour of couples eating alone.

25 Jul 2007 10:39

The George, London Bridge

Terrible. Lovely building. But the bar staff have NO idea who is next. They are inexplicably dressed in matching t-shirts advertising Stella. Why do pubs feel they need uniformed staff, it isn't McDonalds. The choice of lager is Carling, Fosters and the ubiquitous Stella, (how ground breaking!)London Pride is no longer sold. To top it all the bar is pine (in an otherwise oak paneled pub) and there are two security guards at the entrance. Why?
There are no regulars and no sense of community. Compared to the Wheatsheaf of the superb Southwark Tavern it is absolute rubbish. Have a look at the historical building, but avoid paying any money for overpriced distinct lack of choice.

20 Sep 2006 13:42

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