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The Red Lion Inn, Crick

As boaters we visit many pubs for food and a drink. This place & it's owner will never be forgotten by us. I have never been treated so badly by anyone before and we are still angry months later.
Initially i had to ask for some ice as the chair i sat on reflected the heat from the fire & has scared my arm. The main meal I ordered was called a type of vegetable bake. It was mostly mashed potato layered over a milky sauce & I really could not find more than about 3 pieces of an orange vegetable. The accompanying 'new' potatoes were earthy. Once I managed to get seen to I sent the food back and heard the manager say 'what's wrong with it?' Very angrily to the waitress. The glass of wine that came with the meals was very vinegary- need I say more.
The owner made a rude comment about us that was heard by all and was embarrassing. I do not expect to be treated badly or have rude comments made as a way of revenge for my having the courage to send back a meal that is totally unacceptable!
When I went up to pay for one of the two meals I had to have an argument with the owner in front of all other visitors as he said that no one else was complaining and insisted I pay for both meals. I refused, payed for one & consequently had my debit card thrown back at me. Awful man. I wish I'd refused to pay at all seeing as my partner had to eat alone & be ensulted & embarrassed by this large, sweaty, angry man.
I highly recommend The Black Horse in Foxton as mentioned by another reviewer. Their food & service is top class & they will do all they can to make your meal how you want it.

24 Sep 2013 14:01

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