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Username: Timeisthetime

Age: 47

Sex: male

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Midas Touch, Worcester Park

The Midas Touch, pretty much sums up what this pub is and always will be... 'Touched'. The funny thing is once the T fell off and u had the midas ouch hahaha which is exactly how most people feel if ya not a regular. I don't care what they say, this will always be the vile scum of this earth, please locals all go visit one night so we can burn this place down with u in it. Amen.

14 Oct 2010 14:10

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

The worcester is a fairly decent pub. good beer not bad looking, and a couple of decent birds serving, so worth a visit.

13 Oct 2010 12:59

The North End Tavern, Worcester Park

Not a bad boozer all in all. Was in there a few days back, the food is cheap but good, the beer is well priced, and there are not to many thugs which is nice for a change. Worth a couple of beers if ya passing.

13 Oct 2010 12:57

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