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The Black Dog, Whitstable

What a great micro-pub. The beer was well kept and a good range was available from a mild to some very pleasant IPA's. Even if you are not a confirmed real ale fan you should visit this place for the decor. So much to see with a wicked sense of humour on the Gothic side of things. Every time I have been there with the wife or friends somebody always starts a conversation. It couldn't be more welcoming and.... again.... the beer is terrific. Given the many other brilliant pubs in Whitstable this one is my favourite. Can't wait for the winter and the real fire. Led Zeppelin fans will particularly like it here.

29 Sep 2016 16:32

The King and Queen, Caterham

Scores out of 5
Beers on offer 4 - Beer quality 4 - Full pint? 5 - Service 4 - Clientele 5
Garden & view 1 - Welcome & staff 5 - Parking 3 - Toilets 3 - Comfort 3
TOTAL 37 out of 50 OVERALL RATING 36 to 40 = 8

Comment: Time for a well deserved update. Fullers now putting guest ales on (some not from their own brewery) and the toilets have been refurbished. New staff at the bar make sure you get a good pint but the only thing holding the score back is the small garden at the rear but that can�t be helped.
Still the best pub in Caterham
Returnability: 5

22 Sep 2012 18:44

The Golden Lion, Caterham

Scores out of 5
Beers on offer 2 - Beer quality 2 - Full pint? 2 - Service 2 - Clientele 1
Garden & view 1 - Welcome & staff 0 - Parking 3 - Toilets 1 - Comfort 1
TOTAL 14 out of 50 OVERALL RATING 10 to 15 = 3

Comment: The last of the Caterham pubs I�ve visited and what a place. Decor fine but the people and the beer are a bit ropey. As per most of the other reviews on your site I agree this is not a place to visit twice. I hear the people here ran the Clifton which was a nice pub, sadly gone now but I can�t see that this can be true as the landlord of the Clifton was damn good.
Returnability: 1

22 Sep 2012 18:31

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