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Unfortunately the pubs in the Banbury area have been slowly going down hill. The days of a good landlord are almost a thing of the past as we now have very young 'managers' that are still learning to wean off the teat and bar staff that are totally under skilled (to be expected if you pay minimum wage)

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Age: 55

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The Exchange, Banbury

Banbury's new kid on the block. Very popular for the 18 - 30's. Good music and very busy. Currently the place to be but already in danger of going down the same path as Chicago Rock. Over crowding will kill this place. The doormen need to earn their pay and keep out the undesireables that frequent 'Council Rock'. If they manage that, it will be popular for a long time to come.

Food: Not sure if they do food
Decor: New, trendy and clean (for now)
Toilets: More people same size toilets (someone has cut a corner there). Overused, dirty, smelly & floor is always wet (guess why??)
Service: Often slow due to short staffed. A served customer is a happy customer, why can't these people see that?

8 May 2007 22:49

The Wine Vaults, Banbury

This pub has gone through many changes over the years and has been highly rated by many different cliques of people too. (including the pot heads during the 80's). The current management have tried to smartent things up without being too disruptive but unfortunately it has lost a lot of its old character and become slightly sterile. (do you REALLY need doormen at this pub? They are quite friendly guys but seem pretty pointless)
I find it closes far too early on a weekend evening but the food during the day is good and fairly priced too. There are worse pubs in town.

Food: Very good, good price
Decor: Generally new but lost its old charm (shame)
Toilets: Generally clean & regularly checked
Service: One or two sour faces but mostly smiling & efficient.

8 May 2007 22:38

The Duke Of Wellington, Banbury

A posh version of The Admiral Holland with a cliquy group of regulars. Although a bit on the rough side it does have a certain charm. Not a pub for the refined drinker but ok for a quick one on your way into the town.

Food: Not sure if they do food
Decor: In need of a paint brush
Toilets: Basic but generally clean (can get a bit smelly though)
Service: Generally good

8 May 2007 22:20

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