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Username: The_Slider

Age: 59

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The Blue Posts, Fitzrovia

The toilets have recently been refurbished and they are clean enough to eat your dinner off.
I'm not mad keen on SS beers and ciders - and their selection of wines is rubbish - but the pub itself (and the staff) is so pleasant (and dog friendly, which is important to me) that I don't care. My favourite place to drink in the west end - especially on the weekend when it is empty.

24 Aug 2009 22:21

The Rose and Crown, Streatham

Quite seriously this is the worst pub I have ever been into in all my life.
It is ugly, freezing cold, staffed by people who are either invisible (I waited over five minutes at the bar last before anyone even appeared) or off-hand to the point of surliness, full of troglodite clientele (including a loud and foul-mouthed fishwife slattern complaining that she was being 'dissed' by being barred for smoking marijuana on the premises) and the food - though nicely presented and very cheap - made me ill.
They have no interesting beers or ciders and almost all the sprits were out.

I would rather walk the mile or so uphill to Crystal Palace where there are a few decent pubs than ever frequent this complete dump of a boozer again.

ha ha ha.

1 Oct 2008 14:08

The William Morris, Merton Abbey Mills

Blimey. The users below are obviously not fussy.
I popped in recently (just before Christmas) and had a limp sunday roast that might just about have passed muster as a school dinner and was charged an absurd amount for the diet coke that went along with my pint.
The glasses were not clean either.
I wouldn't use this pub again unless I were on the verge of collapse with thirst and hunger, and even then the KFC across the carpark might seem a better option. 3 points but only for the view out across the Wandle.

5 Feb 2008 13:37

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