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Username: The_Duke_of_Maxwellton

Age: 51

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The Titwood Bar, Glasgow

When I drank in the area regularly The Titwood was reckoned to have the slowest service in Glasgow. Which was good if you were a bit skint that week! Passed by last month and maybe they were having a bad night but it didn't look like much had changed. People friendly enough and in a short street with four pubs and with another four round the corner, to be that busy suggests they must be doing something the customers like. I just couldn't see what it was.

20 Mar 2007 09:28

The Mount Inn, Stanton

Haven't been in in years but used to be taken there for lunch when I was a kid (always a highlight of a holiday!). In those days the landlord was a matchbox collector and had them all glued to the ceiling. Not round that way much now but will definitely drop by if I'm passing as it doesn't look like the important things have changed.

20 Mar 2007 09:21

The New Arlington Bar, Glasgow

A bit livlier than it used to be. About 10 years ago, a friend had the flat over the top of it and one Saturday night had a party. The barman came up and asked us to keep the noise down.

1 Mar 2007 10:19

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