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Traditional pubs provide the best booze-ups! There's nothing like drinking a winter-warmer next to a blazing fire or glugging down fruity, summer beers under the warm rays of the sun!

Username: The_Dude

Age: 39

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Light Bar, Shoreditch

Well, I had a bloody good time there. My girlfriend works just around the corner in the Tea building and goes there now and then for a spot of lunch.

I had the best time after watching the footie in the Pub on the Park. The group I was with went to the Light to see the magnificent David Mancuso for a really good time. There are some good views from the balcony and I ended up accidentally having a boogie with Dr.Truman off Eastenders, lol! Made some good contacts and my mate went missing for an hour downstairs after being accosted by two fat Brazilian hookers! Funny times!

23 Jan 2008 00:35

The Pub on the Park, London Fields

I visited this pub during the 2006 World Cup in which England looked good to reach the semi's (no luck though) and was really pleased by the service - even though it was packed to the rafters.

I thought the general location, weather, service and chatty punters made my day. In fact, it was one of the best times I've had around Hackney/Shoreditch as our group then visited a pub round the corner and ended up at the Light bar for a David Mancuso gig upstairs! Belter of a day out!

23 Jan 2008 00:05

The Kings Arms, Hitchin

Great pub. Always a winner. The perfect spot after all the other pubs close up for the night!

I really like the fact they have heaters in the outside beer area. As a smoker, it's the only pub in Hitchin which feels the same since the smoking ban all year round. I really like the atmosphere late at night and you can usually walk in with a few friends but come out knowing half the pub!

22 Jan 2008 23:42

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