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Rose and Crown, Telford

Most of the regulars are weed smokers. Smoking area always stinks of the stuff and some of the regulars look dodgy as hell. Seen a number of them selling counterfeit goodies from DVDs to tobacco to clothing and footwear.

Pretty decent pint for the price, don't think I've ever had a bad pint tbh...

... however, good luck getting served if there are some regulars in there.
Took me 15 minutes to get a pint on more than several occasions, as staff will serve every single regular before they even look at you.
Older Barmaid, I think is the Landlord's wife, is usually pretty sharp and tends to throw your change at you. So not too welcoming.

Pool room is tidy, but extremely tight for space. Get more than 2 people in there and you'll be knocking people's elbows with your pool cue.

Tidy throughout though, toilets are clean...

... they seem to cater more for the karaoke and DJ crowds than anything else, so if you're not part of that crowd you might find yourself sitting in the pool room not talking to anyone, with an empty pint glass, getting your glass knocked over by the pool players' cues.

18 May 2014 13:52

Ring O Bells, Telford

Been here numerous times.

Used to be pretty bad, had a number of chavvy regulars... but was taken over near 10 years ago by a husband and wife with their large family supporting them. It's usually a family member is behind the bar.
They cleared it up well, got a good base of regular drinkers and always welcome new customers in. Really warm place.

Duke box is funny too with some really rare stuff mixed amongst the more popular stuff.

Full refurbishment a while back so now has a pool room, smoking at back and front and large glasshouse and huge garden area at rear for Summer use (but is open all year).
Toilets are always clean too.
Bosses seem to treat the place like their home so it's always clean and tidy, warm and welcoming.

Occasionally music on during weekends, but is usually tied to a Birthday Party etc of some sort, but normal customers are never turned away.

Landlord makes the food himself and always does a good job and doesn't scrimp on quality of the food. Decent price too for the big meals you get.
Decent beer, cheapish too at £2.50 or so for bitters and mild, Guinness is good, lagers have never been moaned at... pipes always clean, I've never had a bad pint.

Possibly the best all round pub within the entire Telford area.

No real ales though. Carpark at front is small but the place is walking distance from Dawley's main bus stop.

Great place.

16 May 2014 21:44

Coalport Tavern, Oakengates

Pretty good these days.

Welcoming, they've moved the entrance around so that the pool table fits properly. Still a bit tight for space though.

Decent food. In fact, food is probably the best pub-grub in central Telford.

Beer isn't bad, could be better but the price is good.

Friendly staff too and the toilets are tidy.

Not bad, not great: As far as a selling point goes it's a bog standard drinking den for Footy fans that serves pretty decent food.

14 May 2014 19:55

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