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Username: Teddy.2018

Age: 42

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Blue Boar, Hay On Wye

Well where do I start- firstly we ordered food sat down at our table, only to be told 10 mins later that they had in fact run out of the fish- no probs we’ll order something different.
Secondly I was eating my food (which I was quite enjoying) to find a wedge of lemon rind within my jacket pot with cheese & beans (no big deal).
Thirdly my partner was happily enjoying his 2nd choice of meal Pie&veg ... saved the last few veggies to mop up the delicious gravy with- to then find a bright blue ?plaster stuck to the mange-tout.
When I spoke to the waiter about this and he apologised he said he would take a starter off the bill which I said no as I was happy to pay for the food we ate and enjoyed. Please could I speak to the manager I asked.
Out comes a young man a in a black chiefs uniform .... quite confrontational from the start.
We end up having quite a heated argument in front of the other diners, I step outside to speak to my partner and he gets his phone out to call the police. I have never been so mortified in all my life. He then accused me of planting the blue piece of blue ?plaster as it didn’t fit with their set up? And all he kept saying was “well he ate all his food, so couldn’t have been that bad” again back & forth and round & round we go- yes i reiterated... it was his last mouthful that he found it on.

I left the Blue Boar pub feeing embarrassed, angry and extremely upset that somebody could treat there paying customers in such an awful manner. I stepped outside and burst into tears as I have never been in such a confrontational situation about a meal.

We have had a lovely few days visiting your quaint little village and have been recommending the area to all our friends to visit- I SHALL NOT BE RECOMMENDING THIS PUB.

4 Jul 2018 21:15

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