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The Mitre, Anerley

This pub is awful. Have I ever been in it? NO. Would I ever go in it? NO. I have however lived across the road from it for 4 years and in that time I've seen some things! If fights/shouting/swearing/dog fights (one I saw a dog got carried away-think it was dead)/racism and domestic violence are your thing then this is the pub for you! If not- stay well clear.
They did introduce a no kids/hoodies etc rule after the refurb- didn't last.
An example of the type of people that drink there for you. A small car accident happened outside a few weeks ago involving a Muslim man (nothing to do with the pub) some mitre drinkers proceeded to shout obviously uneducated rants about Al Qaeda to encourage the other man to "bash him up".
I sound like a curtain twitcher and I guess I am when it comes to this pub. Still it's better than being a drinker there!

1 Aug 2014 18:04

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