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The Abbey, Derby

Thanks for the veiled insults from the previous 2 posters, I am prompted to respond to the allegations made of both having been effected by the summer heat and holding a vendetta of some kind.

Firstly, in response to 'Admin1041'. Interestingly this is your first and only review on BITE to date. Fair enough but your suggestion that my experience was somehow down to heat exposure is very wide if the mark.

Steve. I assure you that I hold no vendetta or grudge against anywhere. As for posting twice, must be a technical error. If you look closer you will notice both reviews were posted on the same date at exactly the same time!

The character, charm and location of the Abbey are second to none however I felt very disappointed in the experience I had when I took time to visit. You are obviously a regular patron and your experience differs to mine, as a non-local. Again, fair enough.

My review was based on my experience from the perspective of a non-regular, I stand by every word just as you stand by yours. That is what BITE is all about after all.

Anyway, all the best to the Abbey and it's (relatively) new owners. I wish them every success in the future. Perhaps I will take some time to visit you again. If I do, I will leave an honest review, as I always do.

30 Aug 2013 20:42

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

A lovely little boozer that stocks some decnt ales. Little brewery in the back. Full of character and characters. Well worth a visit if you are near Derby train stationery at all

22 Aug 2013 10:35

The Abbey, Derby

I recently returned to the Abbey after hearing that it was under new management. I was hearing good things about it's new owners and the direction the pub was taking so wanted to witness this potential diamond in the rough come in to its own. How bitterly disapointment I was. First of all, prices have risen exponentially since my last visit and the quality of the beer served was average at best. It is a Sam Smith's pub so beer quality can be ignored if the prices are low, which they no longer are.

When I visited, the upstairs bar was closed and so I was served in the 'undercroft'. I found that the preference toward locals continues to be a tradition observed by the Abbey's new incumbants, as I was routinely ignored in favour of locals while I awaited service. This situation was not helped by the fact that the landlord was stood at the door ignoring a busy bar and chatting to his mates. When I finally got served I found the new land landy to be less than friendly. My presence seemed an iinconvenience for her somehow. Perhaps I caught her at a bad moment, but over the course of the next hour or so, I witnessed her snarling and barking orders at many patrons of the pub for what were minor indiscretions, having the effect of making me, and others like we were somehow intruding in a very grumpy woman's house.

All in all, this has put me off trying this place out again until it is owned by folk with rudimentary customer service skills. The Abbey seems to be cursed by surly owners!

6 Jul 2013 11:18

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