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The Bramshill Hunt, Arborfield

The pub has recently come under new Management with brilliant new staff and an excellent new TOP CHEF!! The new Landlord and Landlady are absolutley brilliant and have brought so much to the pub already in the first 5 months of being there. They have a lovely new decking area outside the the front of the pub which has replaced the grotty, horrible, univiting painted green tarmac area and is now secure enough to let your Children play out there (obviously with your supervision) without worrying that they might escape out into the road. Also a lovely new secure area out the back of the pub is also available. It is finally brilliant to see the new management bring the pub up to what it should be and looking after it, instead like previous management just letting it fall apart and not caring about it or it customer needs.

The pub is now a very inviting friendly place (very different from what it used to be). The Landlord and Ladylady are very welcoming to new customers and are always seen to be around the pub making sure everything is ok. They are a very friendly couple and nothing is a chore and they will try and meet any requirements that you may need.

Food is excellent, they have a fully qualified, well experienced chef who is absolutely amazing. I have never tasted food like this in a pub and it is nice to know that everything is homecooked (and not out of the freezer and bunged in a microwave and then served up on your plate looking like slop!) and if there isn't something on the menu that you would like, he will do his very best to cook something up for you without any fuss. They use local produce from the surrounding area's and you can taste this in the food with it being lovely, tasteful, fresh and hot!

To sum it up the pub is a lovely place, I've never had such a warm welcome at this pub in all the years I've been going to it. If you were a regular at this pub and left to previous management running it into the ground. Then i ask you to go back as i'm sure you will change your opinion very quickly. Or if you have never been to the pub i suggest you come and try it out I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Fantastic Pub!!!!!

28 Sep 2011 14:36

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