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The Bank, Plymouth

My wife and I met with a wedding party on Friday June 20 - the eve of the lovely couple's big day. We were all meeting in the beer garden, so I ordered a large wine and a pint and we went to sit on a table. One of the wooden seats was broken, as we found out when my wife sat down. The whole table tilted, sending me to the floor, losing half my drink and the wine ended up all over a denim rucksack.

I told bar staff, but the waitress was not really interested. The seat in question was stuck up at a weird angle; all she did was straighten it. I went indoors and explained all to another staff member, saying we had lost a whole wine and half a pint. Again, no real interest or concern shown. So now I couldn't give two hoots for this place, regardless of how nice it might be in other respects.

24 Jun 2014 16:42

The Greyhound, Bromley

I walked through The Greyhound on it's opening day. First thing that struck me were some scary types at the front of the pub. Past them were very busy tables full of what looked like Costa Del Crime types. I didn't feel at all comfortable, but I went back a couple of hours later to try a half. It was a lovely ale - �1.22 - but if anything the clientele looked even more intimidating.

I left to take an updated photo of the pub's front, but after one shot I was clocked by three drinkers who looked like they'd break my legs if I didn't stop.

Next day a shopkeeper said there'd been some trouble the previous night, and I can confirm there was trouble on Thursday evening, and I saw police were present. Fantastic start...

24 Jul 2011 17:44

The Jolly Woodman, Beckenham

This place seemed like an island paradise when me and my wife visited a few weeks back. Then again, we had just staggered out of the Oakhill Tavern, not because we were tipsy but because we were so shocked at how the Tavern has been transformed into a dump.

The Woodman is indeed jolly, but its size means it easily falls victim to its own success. We were forced to drink outside, but fortunately the weather was decent.

27 Sep 2010 07:57

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