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The Beehive Bar, Helston

What can i say about the Beehive ...

I'd rather enjoy a drink in a hive of bee's then go to this inbred infested disgrace of a pub.

I've been to some bad pubs in my time but this tops it. On entering the pub my eyes were burnt by the sight of obeese middle aged women grinding on a dacing pole. I took a look on the bar staff and turned around .

Guest reviewed by Dingo .

16 Oct 2011 17:19

The Green Man, Winchester

One of my favourite pubs in the city. Well kept beer, fine wines and good food. Seating arrangements are excellent considering the size of the pub. Lounging in the old cinema seats in particular is a treat, especially at night when the candles are lit. You can lean back, slowly supping your (albeit expensive) pint of Blue Moon and drink in the atmosphere of this wonderful wee pub. Highly recommended.

16 Oct 2011 16:30

The Roebuck Inn, Winchester

I visited this pub early July this year. Myself and a friend visited on a Sunday night (about 8pm) looking for some grub. The decor was attractive enough, wooden floors, pleasing tables and seats as other reviews have mentioned.

Alas this is where the positives cease. The pub felt like a graveyard, the only punters were on the other side of the bar playing Poker, (a game the barman insisted we join) which suffice to say, didn't happen (it was overtly obvious we were looking to order food, not lose our money to the locals and their cards.)

The range of ales was poor, there were two maximum, other lagers, ciders and wines were surely available but I didn't take much notice of the selection. I was more concerned with the frankly dreadful pint of Abbot Ale I'd been served; a head on it, strangely watery, and amazingly it tasted carbonated! Just awful, (I suspect some tampering.)

We ordered two roast dinners, which arrived in good time but now I wish they hadn't. The beef was tough, the turkey dry, the potatoes hard, the parsnips passable. But the stand-out fixture on our plates were the 'from-frozen' (and still a bit frozen) assorted small vegetetables; sweetcorn, peas, carrots, all abysmal. The gravy was the best bit but still only tasted like a waterd-down 'Bisto'. In addition, the menu promised Yorkshire Puddings with the meal which never materialised. Poor. The price was reasonable for a good meal, but considering what we received it was terrible value for money.

Come paying for the meal the barman had cheek enough to expect a tip for his sorry services. A bad evening was had all round, I reccommend this pub to no-one.

Oh and if you'd like to know how The Roebuck Inn presented their Roast Dinners on the menu, you can do just that! Search 'Roast Dinner' on Google Images and their photo is the penultimate picture on the top row. Note it's source is another bar entirely (which to my knowledge has no afilliation with The Roebuck whatsoever).

30 Oct 2010 16:57

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