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Tufnells, Tufnell Park

This place is really, really odd. It's like being in a Student Union bar. Lots of pool table, nice bar staff, big tellies, but not...I don't just doesn't feel like a pub.

There's a few oddballs in there, but then there are a few oddballs in that part of London. I can't put my finger on it really. I suppose it's just dark, dingy and mainly empty. Though I should stress that I haven't been in there on a weekend. Maybe it's totally different...

1 Jun 2006 20:41

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

This is a pleasant enough place, but it lacks a bit of character for me. Very much a gastro pub, I'm sure it's a splendid place to sit on a Sunday afternoon with all the colour supplements and a nice glass of wine. Doesn't really fit the bill for a few pints though.

Clean, friendly and utterly nice.

1 Jun 2006 20:39

The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park

This pub is sort of like the friendly, but mentally damaged, person who accosts you in the supermarket.

You'd never describe it as being impressive, but it's fairly harmless and clearly barking mad.

It's full of mad old Irishmen, mad old slappers, mad young chavs, mad young chavettes and the occasional bewildered looking stranger. They tend to have all the TVs tuned into Celebrity Ice Dancing and turned up and you can always hear someone screaming in the background for some reason.

One to avoid unless you're in a sympathetic and understanding kind of mood.

1 Jun 2006 20:37

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