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The Badger, Longfield

Nice pub
Good ale selection
friendly staff

17 Oct 2013 15:13

Railway Tavern, Longfield

Has got better but still not really worth the effort to travel here unless happen to be passing. Don't even think about drinking more than one beer, the landlord proactively writes down car reg numbers of patrons and passes info to the police, but if you are not over the limit and all legal then it is not a problem
Still a bit down trodden although they do now sell real ales.
Might even have new staff as I could find no evidence of the baggy trouser spotty gangster rapper wanna be's present.

17 Oct 2013 15:09

The Call Boy, Gravesend

its got a different name now the ANGEL

It is a homosexual venue.

Shut all week.

15 Jul 2013 15:51

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