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Username: Ryanair1984

Age: 38

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The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

I used to think this pub was great - central, right next to the tube station and good beer until I left my bag in their last night. Luckily the staff found it and said I could pick it up the next day although I did find it weird that they wouldn't look for it until the pub closed but put it down to the pub being busy. So I travelled all the way in from Staines to pick it up - the staff said they couldn't find it, that none of the staff on were there the night before and that the manager was busy on a conference call / meeting. So I asked them if they could call the manager who was on the night before. The startling answer I received was that they couldn't call him because he wasn't on duty and that 'it would be a personal call'. So I asked them if they could speak to anyone else who was on the night before, and turned out one of them had been on the night before but he didn't remember anyone finding a bag. It wasn't until my girlfriend phoned up and we threatened to call the police that they went up and got the manager down who went downstairs and came back with my bag in his hand. I will never drink there again!!!

17 Oct 2014 19:40

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