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Ganleys, Morden

As a local of 13 years I can safely say this is definitely the best pub in Morden and the only one I would go to voluntarily, but then there really is no competition. For me it is a little let down by only having one ale (Abbot) but otherwise its a good pub, friendly staff, mixed clientel, happy atmosphere, nice decor, food is good and voluminous, the Sunday lumch could feed the 5,000.

If you want a beer in Morden go here, if you are an ale drinker and have the option go to Wimbledon and/or South Wimbledon.

6 Apr 2011 19:59

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

The best bar in Dorking for my money, lovely building, very friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, comfortable furnishings throughout, large walled garden, excellent food and 2 to 3 really well kept beers. They had 2 dark star beers and apparently sometimes have one from surrey hills brewery. After visiting several others that were recommended by BITE and being really disappointed this was a breath of fresh air.

5 Apr 2011 08:39

The Prince Of Wales, Dorking

What a fantastic pub, its a lovely little local with some fantastically friendly staff and a couple of well kept beers. Pity the place is ruined by the sexist, rascist punters. Hearing people say 'christ you don't get many women in here' and other comments about race I would not wish to repeat when you walk into a boozer does not make for a good first impression. Unless you are a white male local I am afraid you are better of leaving this place alone. It hurts not to give this a higher score but we simply did not enjoy the visit.

5 Apr 2011 08:31

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