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The Pheasant Inn, Telford

The Pheasant has been closed for at least a couple of years. It's currently for sale with a condition that it is not reopened as a pub.

1 Aug 2011 13:35

The All Nations, Madeley

Careful "dableywolf" - all but one of the regular female bar staff are indeed mothers (and I know there are quite a few regulars who would volunteer to help out the one), but you're pushing your luck with "motherly" - would you rather drink your Dabley or wear it ?!?!?

7 May 2010 21:40

The All Nations, Madeley

Sorry "equality1st" but your comments are so unfair. I'm probably among the most regular of the regulars at the Nations and rugby bores me to death (as does football). But, because Jim the landlord and quite a few others are rugby fans they have a TV on for major international games (if you were worried on H&S grounds I suggest you've had a VERY sheltered life).

Does it bother me? - not a bit, because although the game leaves me cold the atmosphere in the pub is warm and friendly, unlike that I've experienced in pubs when there's a football match on, which can rapidly become downright unpleasant if not frightening.

All I can say is that I'd be happy to take my 76 year-old mum in there, at any time (I'd probably tell her not to sit in front of the telly....).

Just accept that The Nations makes a lot of people happy - and the idea of 'selected customers' being 'pampered' is a 'load of b******s.

You should try the pub two minutes from my front gate - all the football you want on three big screens, beer I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and a glass in the face if you look in the wrong direction - perhaps you'd like it?

5 Mar 2010 00:07

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