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The George and Dragon, Ramsdell

What a crap place!
I used to go there a lot but after a few bad episodes with the food (cold, expensive, unchanged menu, very small portions, slow service) I am not gonna bother with this pub anymore! What a shame though, as it used to be the place to go for a nice meal with homemade dishes, but surely after so many years running this business, the owners should have considered eventually to make some modifications on their menu, just to make it a bit more exciting. The staff - well it is not quite stable as they tend to loose or change most of them and they have no idea what they are doing (bad training perhaps), some of them should learn how to smile once in a while! It really is that bad!
The owners are not quite on the happy side either as they tend to be distant and rude, so not a great example either!
This place has lost it, probably due to the lack of motivation form the staff and their management.... waste of time and money!

20 Aug 2009 23:38

The Chequers Inn, Well

Oh dear!! Went there with a few friends on a late Sunday afternoon (when we actually had some sunshine!), we were quickly put off any food after the resident dog had taken food from another customers table, quickly followed by crapping on the lawn 4 times in a few minutes.
Later we moved inside - very nicely presented - but our conversation was drowned out by the owner/landlord who was drunk. The other staff were pleasant to deal with - even if a little embarrassed by the proceedings.
Not sure if we will go back or could recommend it.

18 Aug 2009 16:08

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