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The Duke William, Lincoln

My family and I had a meal in the restaurant here and we were disgusted by the lack of basic food hygiene. The cutlery was not clean; it was still covered in food residue. When I complained to the woman serving the food she then thought it acceptable to try and polish the cutlery on her apron. After a further complaint she then took away all the cutlery to re-wash them which surprisingly only took her a few minutes so again I have my doubts. When serving the carvery my partner asked for no meat as she is vegetarian. However due to staff using the same serving tongues for everything there had been cross contamination of food. There was meat mixed in with the vegetables which ended up on my partner´┐Żs plate. After seeing the meat the member of staff then picked it out with her fingers!!
I spoke to the assistant manager (who was very nice) to complain about the woman serving the food, she said she would ask the owner to speak to me. Low and behold the woman that I wanted to complain about, who was breaking food hygiene laws was the owner and had no interest is hearing my complaint!!! I then later saw her scraping burnt food from the serving table before using the same tongues to serve the next poor customer. This place is absolutely disgusting and should be inspected by the authorities.

9 Dec 2009 15:51

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