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I am pro beer and anti social conditioning. In other words, whatever people's problems are that make them think I am wrong, I don't accept. Take a running jump! Other than that I'm quite easy going and polite.

Username: Primative

Age: 64

Sex: male

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Brewers Arms, Brightlingsea

Went here last week for a group dinner. Food was more or less like a Harvester and beer was dull. For lager drinkers and burger munchers.

9 May 2013 15:04

The Famous Railway Tavern Brewing Co, Brightlingsea

I can't believe there are people who still complain about this pub. Maybe it's a good thing, otherwise it would be packed with the kind of people who think not bothering to tie your bootlaces makes you a danger to decent society.
I was at the RT again this year, having sailed with friends from Kent. I'm not mad on sailing but it was worth the trip just to return to this pub. I was not disappointed. We were unexpectedly there for the cider festival. Nothing had changed - the same irreverent landlord, drinking on the front step while his charming young son took care of business. Didn't look like he'd given much attention to the cleaning or decorating since last year, I'm pleased to say. Beer and cider were great. Atmosphere was great on day one, but next night we got the treat of our lives with The Railwaylers playing in the back room. Some superbly bad renditions of some great Ska music. I was about to shout out a request for The Clash, but didn't need to. Several suitably slovenly renditions of great Clash numbers followed, to our delight. I'd almost be prepared to move to Brightlingsea for this pub. Keep it up guys! And for those of you who don't like it - WE GET IT, now for God's sake shut up! There must be a pub with doilies and chintz curtains in Brightlingsea, surely?

9 May 2013 14:50

The Kings Head, Canterbury

The King's Head is one of only a handful of proper pubs left in Canterbury. It's a bit of a walk from the town centre (Wincheap) but worth the walk.
This is the kind of place many people my age (54) remember from our youth. Bar billiards, darts, proper pub food like shepherds pie, real beer rather than stuff with fizz in it and barmaids that look like they do on Coronation Street. The barmen are usually good for a laugh and will actually chat to people they don't know.
Old Dairy Brewery beers are common here but there is always a good selection, including some interesting stouts (Ilkley was a good one). This is a lovely place to hang out for an hour early in the evening or afternoon, listening to a half cut, workshy old painter and decorator spinning yarns with the barman and a retired taxidermist. They have a darts team and bar billiards team etc and copies of Chanel Draft the local CAMRA publication always lying around.
By the way it's also a reasonably priced B&B. I've always been in a fit state to walk home, so no idea how good or bad the rooms are.

30 Apr 2012 18:00

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