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Timms Coffee House, Skinningrove

Awful awful awful pub for anyone other than the villagers that use it. One room at the front of the pub that has not been decorated since god was a lad. Pool table dominates the centre of the room. No music and no banter between the steely cold locals. The landlord and barmaid were disinterested and bored almost as if they were just there for a wage and not a livlihood.

The sadness with this pub is that it has so much potential, a back room exists which was closed off. A good pub menu could be created and with some local publicity this could become a right good pub for people from Carlin How and Loftus.

As it is at the moment, I would hope never to step foot in this pub ever again.

17 Aug 2011 21:46

The Pig And Whistle, Redcar

This is a proper boozer. Cliquey maybe (everyone knows everyone), intimidating perhaps to an outsider but rarely any trouble inside or out.

I live away from the area now, but when I do go back its always nice to catch up with the barmaid Kelly who has worked in the pub from when I first stared drinking in the original P&W in 1996.

Dart board and pool table gains extra points, beer is generally good and fairly priced. Toilets are shitty in fairness but outside smoking area in the yard is well furnished. Pub has a snug and a lounge and kids are welcome.

18 Jan 2011 15:59

The Nightingale, Balham

I and a few colleagues have just started using this pub after work. It is a spit and sawdust gaffe that has character. We started using it as we heard that there was a dart board. Sure enough there is a dartboard and you can see why it needs replacing. We get in there at about 3pm and by 4pm onwards all the locals are in and want to use it as well. Frustrating from a selfish point of view that we have to share it but because of this we have mingled with the locals who have generally been quite friendly although I think it will take quite a few more visits before they trust us!!

Lager is good with Fosters and Heinneken. Obviously real ales for those that want it and Guinness as well (I personally found it a little warm and have reverted to lager as a result). It is not a cheap pub (15.90 for 4 pints) but overall I will continue to visit.

If anyone from the pub reads this....please replace the dart board. It looks like it has been up there for about 10 years. They are only 30 for a top quality board.

18 Jan 2011 15:50

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