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Username: PeterBoyo1980

Age: 41

Sex: ?

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The William Morris, Hammersmith

Previous comment is spot on about if you want classy don't go to spoons. It is very cheap but that does atract a certian type of customer.

If you want somewhere nice don't go here if you just want to get smashed and pull a little girly this is your heaven.

The choice is yours

5 Feb 2009 15:44

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Really nice bar to relax in during the day, always seems to have loads of bar staff on which is nice. More expensive than most places but a favorite haunt if I don't fancy heading down to the Thames.

One of my favorites.

5 Feb 2009 15:39

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Really nice place since they got rid of that mental manager and her idiot barstaff especially that stuck up Polish lad. There is a new guy in charge who seems to be switched on and friendly and the bar staff actually seem nice (need a couple more ladies though).

Went in last Friday night and was surprised to find they actually have an upstairs lounge bar, couldn't believe it it had always been roped off when I have been in before. Spent all night up there relaxing with my mates.

All in all it is definatly worth a visit if you haven't been in for a few months, could do with a couple of real ales but it does serve the best pint of Guiness in Hammersmith don't know what they prevoius comment was about. Still some improvements to go but a million miles better than it was.

5 Feb 2009 15:35

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