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Username: Old_Todger

Age: 65

Sex: male

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Hart & Spool, Borehamwood

Snarling_Mallard is spot on and this place has not improved since his visit.

Only redeeming feature is Wetherspoons prices. Otherwise the manager and area manager ought to be sacked. Uninterested staff, filthy and unmaintained toilets. The bar area always looks like its been ransacked.

30 Nov 2012 18:43

The Wishing Well, Borehamwood

Probably the most comfortable pub in Borehamwood, decently furnished with a few television so that everyone can watch their favourite sport channel.

Standard faux Irish pub with friendly Polish servers and Irish manager.

Little for the real ale drinker, but a frsh pint of Stella!

30 Nov 2012 18:40

The Crown, Borehamwood

Reckoned by some to be the best pub in Borehamwood. This really is damning with faint praise. Large drinking emporium designed to appeal to the football viewing / pool playing sector. Indifferent food served in generous quantities. The operator's (Barracuda?) cider festival redeemed the place by offering Green Goblin...but suspect little to appeal to the real ale drinker.

30 Nov 2012 18:37

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