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Orange Square, Haywards Heath

I have been a fairly frequent visitor to this establishment over the past couple of years and would not like to think how much money I have spent in the place. Last Friday I visited the bar with my partner, who has been a regular for many years and our custom and loyalty was rewarded by my being refused entry to the bar. My crime? I was was wearing some very expensive casual shoes.

On approach to the entrance my way was barred by two doormen, the older of which informed me it is 'shoes only' on Friday and Saturday nights. I was naturally surpised at this as I have been in before in the same shoes on Fri/Sat nights without a problem. My reaction was 'you're having a laugh', which produced an aggressive tirade from the older doorman about how 'trainers have never been allowed on Fri/Sat (yeas they have, and there is no signage to this effect) and how he didn't make the rules etc, etc..'.

My advice to anyone thinking of frequenting this place is DON'T BOTHER - as in return, once they have milked you of your money, you will evenually have your night ruined by one of these brain dead morons on the door. STEER WELL CLEAR OF ORANGE SQUARE.

24 Oct 2010 14:45

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