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Username: Novice_Slurper

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The Quayside, Whitstable

I think Roger B has been extremely kind in his review of this pub. Having spent many occasions supping in the various pubs in Whitstable i would have to say this is the dourest pub i have ever been in - so much so it has made me break the cardinal rule of ever posting comments on websites . So lets start with the most important part, the beers all those available, 2 when we were there were of poor quality. The food i avoided having seen what was on offer at lunch but i can not comment on its taste. The decor and surrounding inside was very dirty, finished plates stacked on tables alongside disregarded glasses left next to people sitting and eating. Outside in the "patio area" already described the same can be found albiet with the added luxury of a huge industral over splilling bin. Top this with a surly unpleasant landlord/manager who while we were there was abusive to boot and i would suggest you avoid this pub with a wide berth unless of course you enjoy being shouted at as a punter, sitting around other peoples leftovers and being deafened by the music.

3 Jul 2008 12:16

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