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Ink Rooms, Battersea

"On the site of the microbar there still remains a bar with one of the best bottle ranges in London, and most likely THE best bottle range in south london."

If burough counts as South (it's south of the river) then The Rake takes that honour with 130 beers.

I'm not much of a fan of the decor and music in the Ink Rooms, but to each his own, right?

9 Jun 2010 12:02

The Microbar, Battersea

The Microbar is, as others have noted, now called the Ink Rooms, and none of the reviews any time after mid-April 2009 apply.

Met a number of friends there on the opening night of the new bar - we hadn't realised it was the opening night, or that the bar had changed so much. It's now a dimly lit "bar" - not quite a club (destpite the loud music), and not quite a pub. It has a faintly low-budget feel to it, I'm afraid. The beer selection is much, much reduced, but with the loud music and low light, it's not somewhere you'd go to savour an unusual / interesting beer anymore. You can (as we did) seek refuge downstairs, where it was quiet, but some of us were apparently warned that it was going to be a "disco" in the downstairs area. Nightmare.

Anyway, it gets points for still having a few beers. Those will probably dry up - I can't see the new clientele drinking them.

21 Jun 2009 12:32

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