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"anyone fancy a pint"?

Username: Mr_Local

Age: 50

Sex: male

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The Prince Alfred, Upper Holloway

I am fed up with people bad mouthing this pub. The establishment fully embraces the ethos of real ale, as its vast offering of cask ales from Microbreweries demonstrates. It is not unusual to hear the regulars proffer their views on the evils of pasteurisation and filtration, as used in the production of keg beers. Add to this the ever popular wine club, where one can hear the local lumeries explain how a good pinot noir stays long on the palate, as opposed to a pungent tart Semillon and you have a bon viveurs dream.
The chateaubriand is second to none and the French chef occasionally obtains the much sought after Black Perigord truffle!
Finally the landlord has had the wit and foresight to leave the interior as a homage to Look Back in Anger, although some say he sees it as a metaphor for the working class struggle against an oppressive regime - who knows? but full of character.

25 Oct 2011 16:14

Kings Head, Crouch End

At 2100 on a Friday night it's a bit like the scare floor in Monsters Inc. Lots and lots of fashion and trends, the odd tentacle etc. If some bright spark ever gets rounds to inventing Atkins style carb free lager and crisps, then this place would be one of the first places to sell 'em.

25 Oct 2011 16:12

The Stag, Enfield

More expensive than West End prices in a nondescript bar behind Enfield bus garage.

Rude manager who possibly views his stint behind the counter as a purgatory pursuit before he finally hits the big time, spraying unsuspecting passers by with cheap perfume in Pearsons make up department.


15 Jan 2010 12:30

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