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Username: Mr_Blonde69

Age: 47

Sex: ?

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The Island Queen, Islington

Not eaten here. but what a nice classic boozer! had many a nice evening holed up in here.

24 Nov 2006 18:31

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

I like this pub I really do. But come on 15 mins to get served? With 6 people at the bar and 3 behind it????
And the Food I can’t believe that “Islintoite” want to have the roast twice.
I had the roast once. And thought about having them up on the trade description act over the “roast potatoes”
Which had been stuck in the deep fryer. When questioned he denied this. The with in half an hour we watched him stick in another load!
Still the no smoking area is good. You won’t smell of smoke just chip fat!!!!
Come on the management. Sort out the Bar staff. Get them to remember more that 2 drinks at a time!
As a former barman I know how monotonous the job is so I used to make it more interesting by trying to remember at least 8 drinks. It also speeds up the service!
One tip don’t eat in there until they sort that deep fried menu out! i.e don’t deep fry and microwave everything!

23 Nov 2006 19:05

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