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The Black Prince, Woodstock

I was in this pub on the day this incident happened and walked in around 9pm having watched the Aunt Sally match. The beer was OK and the girls behind the bar were very helpful. The AS players I spoke to were looking forward to a pint and a good sing. All changed when landlord came down. He was/is a Grade 1 overbearing oaf! I think the barmaids were very embarrassed by his crass rudeness the musicians and it's not surprising that not only the costumed historical people all left but that they were followed by me, my friends and several other customers.
Idiots like this do more harm to British pubs than any number of Chancellors, Pub Cos etc. I mean, why travel/go out and spend good money, just to get insulted like this.

11 Jun 2013 18:10

The Butchers Arms, Herne

Another fine example of what happens when some silly bugger (AKA the landlord) cocks a snoot at the smarta*ses who say that the country pub is finished. The BA is busy all the time its open (NB limited hours apply) and the camerarderie/banter/badinage amongst regalars/guests is huge fun.
The beer is faultless, the snacks er.... original and the local cheese? Do try!
As this pub is unique (Kent's only beerhouse) it's worth a visit just for that.
Do check that the BA will be open though

29 Apr 2009 21:49

The Gate Inn, Chislet

Oh dear..... Roger B was not impressed was he?
Still, even good pubs (and the Gate Inn is indeed a classic) have their off days and maybe so does Roger B? Go back Mr B, go back!
At a time when even well advertised, brightly lit, glitzy "country" pubs (AKA gastro house wine outlets) are closing down by the dozen, the Gate Inn bucks the trend handsomely. Few frills, good honest tucker and Shep's beer known far wide for being a yardstick by which to judge Faverham's finest.
I go to the Gate about once a month and it's always busy! Who says you can't
make a country pub pay!
Good on the Gate Inn - Surely one the must visit pubs in Kent!

29 Apr 2009 21:43

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