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The Masons Arms, Warminster

It will be a great pleasure to meet folks who are willing to engage constructively to this adventure we have chosen to take at the Masons Arms.

We love serving Real Ale full stop, its exciting for the drinkers as they engage directly with us over the casks and also get to ask more questions about the beer.

I thank warm heartedly the support we have received from brewers and drinkers alike it is through this support that we thrive and continue to show support back to them.

We have made mistakes and received criticism for our work but mostly our team has come back with solutions and I applaud them for doing this.

As I sit here and type this note there are real ale drinkers trying out new local beer from the stillage system and that drives me and I feel honoured that these are all repeat patrons.

This is a clearly thought through market analysis and applied business strategy introduced at the Masons Arms and its working and if it needs tweaking then I will tweak it and keep it working. I however do support any form of real ale dispensing however this works for all of us in this Pub the Masons Arms in Warminster.

We love the trade and we are planning hopefully soon a second pub opening with a behind the bar stillage system there too I will carefully place and select local ales in front of my good patrons to engage about and yes excitedly talk about the brewers whom brewed them just like they would do at beer festivals.

I am sad to see some of the comments descending into insults on this forum and do not want to part of a negative debate. Let’s be positive about our trade in whatever “form” of value we may add for our punters!

Thanks to the contributors!

13 Mar 2011 15:15

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