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The Pulpit Inn, Portland

Polite enough service but extremely crap beer. Why does anyone serve Doombar when it tastes nothing like real ale? There are so many local breweries within 10 miles, so get some beer from them. It's all very well boasting of local food, but get your beer sorted first!

26 Aug 2014 23:14

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

A good atmosphere in a traditional pub, however, this place goes for quantity over quality on the beers and it is disingenuous to call some of the big name beers they have on handpump "guest beers". (For example Young's Special, and various Green King and Marstons-group ales) If they stuck to only small local breweries they would get more loyal customers.

Another problem with this place is that they do quite often turn the music up too much which is particularly annoying if you are sitting right under a speaker.

12 Dec 2013 21:01

The Rising Sun, Kingsdown

This is a free house but unfortunately only has big-brand very bland beer from Wells and Youngs (on our visit Young's Gold and Courage best bitter). Could they not consider the fact that there are more than 20 small local breweries in Kent producing far better beers?

Cosy, but disappointed by the beer.

21 Nov 2013 21:09

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