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Username: Lyndsay26

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Jewel/Bar Blanca, Piccadilly Circus

I booked a VIP Party Package for my sister's birthday and it all seemed to go through fine with the man on the phone when it came to taking my money at the beginning but then I received a phone call from a lady a few days later saying that they had no booking so I told them I booked it and the lady said she would check and get back to me. She tried charging me again for my booking and I told her I'd already paid. The next day I received another phone call from a different lady who said that they needed payment and she knew nothing of the previous lady's phone call. I told her I'd paid and about the package that I'd booked and when she was running through the list of things that would be provided she said cupcakes instead of a cake and when I pointed this out she said they don't do cakes anymore, despite it still saying so on the website and when I spoke to the man on the phone he clearly said cake NOT cupcakes or I wouldn't have bothered booking it. The main reason I booked it was so that I wouldn't have to cut a cake at home before we went out or take one all that way. When I pointed that out she said she would ask her manager to sort that out and after having said that it was fine and they would provide a cake, they called back to say that they couldn't do so again!!

That was only the beginning, when I finally got to the venue the customer service was appalling. I arrived there and the staff didn't bother to ask me anything, I had to chase them up to ask them about our VIP table, which I could see opposite to where they told me to sit but I thought that maybe it wasn't ready. Then they told me my table was ready and they didn't know why I wasn't sitting at my table - no apologies. When we all sat down they didn't bring anything over for a long time and I had to go up to the bar and asked and again they shrugged their shoulders - no clue what I was talking about. After another long wait they brought over some cupcakes, (most of which were still frozen) and some drinks with sparklers. My package also included a bottle of champagne, 2 food platters and some fruit and again I had to ask them each time for each one that they didn't rush to bring out! They said they had no idea about the fresh fruit - I'm guessing something else they didn't do but didn't care to mention since they just wanted my money and didn't care what I got out of it. Also, when a glass was dropped on the floor and accidentally smashed, I asked for it to be cleaned up but again they took far too long to do so - a terrible health and safety hazard!! Will never be going back and it made me doubt booking any sort of package like this again in a club.

27 Sep 2012 15:11

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